Practical USPSA Links

USPSA Classifieds, Match schedules, Club contact information, You can see your hits & time on each stage in matches where the scorekeeper has uploaded the match webfile.txt to USPSA. You can also get emailed match results if you register an email address. RO class information. The latest rulebook can be downloaded in an easily searchable PDF format for those pesky RO tests.

St. Louis Shooters Another forum where you can communicate with fellow shooters in the St. Louis area. Match announcements & results. You can buy & sell items.

Brian Enos Forums THE place to go for USPSA information. You can spend days or even years of your life navel gazing into your shooting soul. Classifieds & lots of good stuff.

Classifier Calculator USPSA

CMCALC USPSA classifier calculator

Women of USPSA

Unofficial Combined Results USPSA matches that have had their match result webfile.txt uploaded to the USPSA web site. A member was nice enough to process this & generate this page giving everyone access to see it.

Practiscore “PractiScore is a complete USPSA match scoring system.   Highlights: FREE! runs on iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Android phones/tablets talks to ezWinScore through the existing Palm data imports/exports does complete match scoring, including match and stage results is really fast and easy to use…”

Respectful Contributions

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