Chillicothe Sportsmens Club IL08 Chillicothe, IL

Chillicothe Sportsmens Club IL08 is a USPSA club that shoots on the 4th Sunday of the month in Chillicothe, IL during the summer months that weather permits. Some indoor shoots occur in the winter.

Chillicothe Sportsmens Club Web Site

Chillicothe Sportsmens Club Match Results 2014

Chillicothe Sportsmens Club Match Results 2013

Chillicothe Sportsmens Club Unofficial Combined Results

Match results may not list unless the results have been uploaded to USPSA.

Usually setup at 8am. Registration & meeting at 8:30 & 9am shooting starts. Usually $10 to $15.

Select IL for club contact information or zip 61523

Directions: Heading north from Chillicothe on route 29, take a right on Yankee Road (gravel) & follow along until you see the club on the left over the railroad tracks. My GPS thought I was in a field (which you are.)

GPS coordinates appear to be near latitude 40.946669 longitude -89.473252

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